More and more at Elmore!

— 3rd November 2011 —

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That’s right. Performance number 30 today!

We had a lovely day in Bendigo before heading to Elmore. The boys went to the gym while I went for a brisk walk through the park, finding a school resembling Hogwarts and a ‘rainforest’ complete with fruit bats. Tired of Andy and I getting all the attention, Ryan had lined up a photo shoot with a local photographer in front of a grungy wall in town. (Not really, he needed an updated headshot for an application he was writing). I went along to hold the silver reflector and encourage ‘real smiles’ by making Ryan laugh. Lots of fun and very pleasing results!

Once that was done, it was all like, Elmore Memorial Hall, here we come! Team Weather posed out the front of the venue with the set, props and touring gear to mark this touring milestone. How has it been this easy and fun?!

This evening we got ready in the supper room while a few locals set up for the post-show function. Sharing is caring. We performed the show next to the Queen – Her Majesty was positioned right next to the stage…a much younger Queen than we had seen in Heathcote the night before!

No pre-bookings tonight. As in, not one. We went ahead anyway and were pleased we did, as over 60 people rocked up from all over the region. What a spontaneous lot they are!

A bus had traveled from Echuca after seeing the show advertised somewhere. They simply thought, “That sounds nice, let’s go to Elmore for the evening”. They had a great time and we loved having them. Speaking of buses: My old bus driver from Dubbo was at the show tonight. Turns out he lives in the area and remembered my name and face from all those years ago. (It pays to be friendly to your bus driver, kids!)

The show itself was beautiful, with an audience that you could ‘hear’ listening. Everyone stayed back afterwards for a lovely supper and flooded Andy and I with compliments. “Captivating” and “Tremendous” and “A treat for our town” and “Amazing stage presence”. The response book got a good work out tonight and so did our voices! Lots of chatter and stories being swapped.

We mingled with a number of the gorgeous locals including Ernie, a town legend. At 96 years of age, Ernie still gets around in his ‘motor car’ and volunteers for various groups in the area. Towns like Elmore run on community spirit and good will. No fuss, just people working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that the place they call home has a chance of maintaining its vibrancy, warmth and charm. 
Watching them do their thing, I can’t help but smile as I sneak another piece of lemon coconut slice.

Hands up for Heathcote!

— 2nd November 2011 —

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Our first stop on the Bendigo satellite tour was the township of Heathcote.

On arrival at the RSL Public Hall we met our tech support staff, Jack and Helen, who will be assisting us for the week. Things were pre-set for us to perform on the flat, but we decided that the moveable block rostra staging would enhance the performance considerably as the audience seating was also on the flat. I like knowing people will be able to see what’s going on!

We were made welcome by a lovely FOH team who were busily preparing supper in the kitchen. The show was lovely and settled again tonight. A nice crowd who were modest in number and bold in response. Love that!

When Andy delivered the final line of the play (his only) one lady yelled out, “it talks”. Very funny. They all had a great time, actually. The raffle draw on stage post show was continually interrupted by quips from the audience.

One gentleman told us that the show was “excellent, gay and bright, with great vitality”. He also commented on my “beautiful eyes”…I made sure he wrote something in the audience response book!

There were some other beautiful comments made from an appreciative community over jam roll and a cuppa in the foyer. Those that attended are keen to support this venture to ensure that the Bendigo shows continue to come their way. Again, it’s great to be a part of something like this.

In the car on the way back to Bendigo tonight one of the boys said, “The show reminds you of your values, or teaches you about values if you don’t have any”. How lovely. I’m so thankful to be touring across the countryside with two wonderful friends who care about this show. It all comes down to your team, people!