They made it POZIBLE!

— 16th April 2012 —

Well, all I can say is THANK YOU!

We were thrilled to smash our $4000 crowdfunding campaign target on Pozible last week. The team and I are forever grateful for such a display of generosity.

Below are the names of all of those who came forward and pledged in order to help us keep 'The Weather and Your Health' on the road until the end of our national tour:

Elisabeth Marsland
Anna Orzech
Susan Scott
Kathryn Bain
Dave Baker
Geoffrey Ahern
Rozzy Kelly
Alexander Katyk
Hayley Campbell
Stephanie Redgment
Amy Moon
Anna-Louise Cole
The Produce Store
Olivia Morgan
Chris Anemaat
Nancy-Maree Ryan
Samantha Turley
Lindsay Pringle
Sara Meyer
Josh Hayward
Hannah Sargent
Lauren and Paul Ward
Suzanne Roberts
Kerrie Phipps
Paul Millgate
Nicole Carter
Andrew Mcguiness
Samantha Taylor
Jessica Saras
Lauren Abbott
Sharn McIver
Esther Sugihto
Sally Shields
Kate Parkins
Vanessa White
John Davies
Bonnie Thomson
Paul Borella
Marcus Skinner
Ben Staunton
Liz Hentschel
Chris and Jeanie Martin
Shane Burrell
Sarah Eagle
Katie Zagorski
Kathryn Bordonaro
Robb Sheerman
Ashley Wain
Faran Martin
Kristian Winther
Dave Elton and Rachel Silver
Ben Austin
Bagryana Popov
Naomi Barber
Grahame Keast
Roni Taylor
Janet Henderson
Daniel Benge
Renee Heron
Gavin Roach
Melissa Anderson
Louisa Breen
Amy Pokoney
Steph Rodway
Taryn Richards
Alison Scott
Melissa Cutting
Myra Wells
Ed Thatcher
Bethany Robins
Scott Lewis
Margaret Nicolson
Alan Singh
Adam Mcleod
Ben Smith
Ashlee Elizabeth Hints
Lucy Warren
Ryan Barwood
Andy Davies
Jennifer Scott
Brook Ludinski
Anonymous (6)

Fancy having such a brilliant support network out there believing in this play!

Thank you also to the team at Pozible for their support and advice throughout the fundraising campaign. The work they do to support the arts is incredible!