The arts take over

— 12th August 2012 —

Greetings from my trusty laptop and from marvellous Melbourne! Since my tour ended, I’ve been out and about seeing what the rest of the arts world has been up to: twenty -five arts related events in 8 weeks!*

The highlight of my ‘research’ would have to be director Robert Lepage’s nine-hour epic, Lipsynch which I saw at the State Theatre yesterday. It was intelligent, stimulating, clever, funny, challenging, moving, riveting! The cast of nine incredible actors – how were there only nine? – treated us to a stunning display of master storytelling, character acting and ensemble work.

The other ensemble, the audience, were not only treated to an incredible display of performance and design inside the theatre, but we were also able to discuss, debrief and snack in the foyer during the five intervals. We journeyed together. Yes, we essentially spent nine hours underground, but the whole thing was a breath of fresh air! The Lipsynch experience will stay with me for a long time.

It was also refreshing to hear audience members animatedly discussing the production on the escalator ride out of the theatre, as so often we leave the theatre and promptly forget what it is we have just seen…

If you ever get the chance to see Ex Machina or Robert Lepage’s work, my advice would be to drop everything and go. Don’t read too much about it. Just let it wash over you…stay with you…change you.

*(Click here to read my latest AussieTheatre column about the Melbourne arts scene).