Nice work

— 24th September 2012 —

New York City. It is true what they say...this place is alive and has its own unique buzz. There is always something happening. My mind and heart open and I dream bigger when I'm here. I spent a month in NYC in 2011 just soaking up the theatre scene, and am thrilled to be back.

Broadway. A world of its own. So much on, so many names, so many theatres! You really are spoilt for choice here. My friend and I rushed down to the ticket booths at South Street Seaport (always quieter than Times Square) and bought tickets to see Matthew Broderick and Kelli O'Hara in 'Nice Work If You Can Get It', a new musical comedy written using the songs of George and Ira Gershwin. Not only could we sing along to almost every word of this show, we were on the edge of our seats, tapping our toes and laughing out aloud as the plot thickened.

Matthew Broderick was perfect for the role of Jimmy Winter, the rich playboy who falls for a bootlegger. His performance was delightful, funny, and endearingly infuriating. A real treat to see him live.

Kelli O'Hara - what a voice! There are so many 'belters' around these days who won't sing a straight melody, so it was really refreshing to hear someone with great technique and a secure and sweet voice singing such classic tunes as 'Someone to Watch Over Me'. This, paired with O'Hara's gentle stage presence as Billie Bendix drew us in. We loved her, so we cared what happened to her.

The other knock out performance came from theatre veteran, Judy Kaye. Her career is littered with awards, nominations and honours. She was hilarious, wild, fabulous and her big moment - having had too much to drink, the Duchess swings from the chandelier in a ritzy dining room singing 'Looking for a Boy' - brought the house down.

The audience left the auditorium on a high. I felt like I had witnessed true Broadway, and to celebrate I went to Finer Diner on 5th avenue and ate my weight in red velvet waffle, fried chicken and maple syrup.

What else do you do in the Big Apple?