New Voices for New Music

— 28th June 2013 —

Excited to be performing in the Melbourne Cabaret Festival as part of Matthew Robinson's New Voices cast on Saturday! I attended Matthew's Singing Actor workshop in Melbourne last weekend, where we explored storytelling through song. Each member of the workshop was then assigned a song from Matthew's own catalogue to be performed at Globe Cafe in Prahran on Saturday 29 June (4pm and 7pm).

I'll be singing a little ditty called 'Perfectly the Same' from Happy People - Matthew's Churchill Fellowship development with Stephen Schwartz. What fun!

For tickets and more info click here

And Sew It Goes

— 16th June 2013 —

Last week, I stopped by the Carlton Courthouse to chat with the lovely Carole Patullo and Jane Bayly about the creation of their delightfully quirky and subtly thought provoking work, Button, which appears on the 2013 VCE Playlist.

As I was locking up my bike outside the theatre, Carole approached and said, "Hi Bethany, nice to see you again". Oh dear. That awful feeling where your mind races through every possible place you've ever been in your life, trying to place the face in front of you. "We met after that touring workshop you spoke at towards the end of 2011". Right! As it turns out, Jane and Carole had approached me after I spoke on a panel, sharing my experience of touring The Weather and Your Health with Regional Arts Victoria. At that stage, Carole and Jane's show was still a work in progress. Now, 18 months later, they are looking at touring opportunities and are about to close the show at La Mama - a season that has seen groups of high school students asking detailed questions about their original text. (Sounds strangely familiar...)

Button uses techniques of non-naturalism to explore an unlikely friendship between two women. With a minimal design consisting of two green armchairs, a pile of autumn leaves and a giant spider web, the show is a lovely mix of abstract and relatable episodes told through a combination of choreographed movement, poetic language and everyday interactions that are both touching and funny.

Read Bethany's article for Button on Aussie Theatre

Laneway Learning

— 6th June 2013 —

Finished your formal studies? Well, that’s nice. But, you know, it’s never too late to learn something new. If you have a fear of commitment, or don’t like parting with your money, then Laneway Learning is for you!

Run by a small and passionate group of Melbourne locals, Laneway Learning is an initiative offering the general public a range of cheap and informal one-off classes in just about anything you can imagine. And all of the classes happen in a laneway café! Think about it. For $12 you could sip good coffee while you learn how to make paper jewellery, braid hair, or the science behind chocolate.

I recently put up my hand to teach my ‘Introduction to Playwriting’ workshop for Laneway Learning. Hidden away from the rest of the world, my class consisted of those who have already written for the stage, actors who wanted to try their hand at writing, and a handful of people who were just interested in learning more about writing in general.

The toughest part was structuring a lesson plan that would cater to such a range of students, but we forged on and talked about finding your voice, purpose, given circumstances and dramatic structure. I loved seeing everyone writing their little hearts out…and acting their socks off!

The best part about Laneway Learning is that YOU can be a teacher! If you have knowledge on a specialist subject, why not contact the team and have a go at sharing your skills with others? If you see yourself more as a student, I’d urge you to pop along to the Laneway Learning’s one off event, Sunday Spectacular on Sunday 16 June for a taste of what it’s all about.