Reception: The Musical - Workshop

— 16th September 2013 —

I had such fun getting the team together for a Reception: The Musical song workshop. We have now completed no less than twelve original songs for this little slice of life comedy cabaret. Looking forward to the time we get to debut the show for an audience…

A huge thank you to my collaborator extraordinaire, Peter de Jager. What a talented man, and what a joy to work with. (He does whatever I ask…and does it better than I could have imagined!)

And once again, thank you to David Wicks for sharing his expertise as our workshop director. Your support, sense of humour and feedback is so appreciated.

Family Links

— 2nd September 2013 —

I feel so blessed to have been raised in a family that values the arts. When faced with the option, I was encouraged by my mother to attend acting school instead of studying drama teaching at University. She knew that I would be happiest doing what I loved, at least while I was young and had the time… She was right.

Another huge blessing has been growing up with such a talented, motivated and creative younger brother. If you haven’t heard of Joseph Simons – dancer, choreographer, writer, actor and artist - you are truly missing out. This kid is a force.

As if performing lead roles and touring the world with most of the major Australian dance companies wasn’t enough, earlier this year Joe was awarded the coveted Tanja Liedtke Fellowship which saw him travel to Berlin for a three week residency to make an original work called First Things First and Frankfurt for a two week summer dance lab. Before he left, Joe found himself telling the Foundation that he would be making a daily video log. DAILY.

It nearly killed him. (The videos were so funny, they almost killed me too!) Watch them: eighteen hilarious 2min insights into his creative process. Just like everyone who refreshed Facebook each morning, anxious to catch the next video, I’m sure you’ll be glad Joe kept his word.

Click here to watch the video log - be sure to start at Day 1!