Peter and the Wolf

— 27th June 2014 —

I was delighted to be asked back to narrate Peter and the Wolf with the ANAM orchestra this week. Conducted by Paul Dean, together we told the famous tale of a brave young boy who, with the help of his bird friend, capture a naughty wolf.

Each section of the orchestra introduced their instrument to the audience of elderly patrons, mums, bubs and school children. It was great to work alongside the ANAM musicians to workshop what they would do and say. The percussion duo were better than The Wiggles!

In addition to these introductions, I wrote a short script to familiarise the audience with the characters in the story and their musical themes.

Peter and the Wolf is such a fun piece to narrate. Gorgeous music and fun character voices (my duck sounded a lot like Katherine Hepburn). Prokofiev's much loved work has delighted audiences for generations. As I looked out over the crowd, I honestly think the older faces were smiling wider than the little ones who were visiting from a local primary school. Though, one girl in the front row did whisper that she loved me. I think it was the flowers in my hair that did it...

Dark Mofo

— 23rd June 2014 —

There is no question that the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) has transformed Tasmania into a cultural hub. The world class, private art collection of David Walsh is housed in an incredible underground gallery just outside the city of Hobart. In addition to a controversial and interactive art collection, stunning grounds and a bar with views, MONA also hosts festivals in Hobart throughout the year.

The winter festival, called Dark Mofo, is a celebration of darkness. Parts of it are creepy, but parts of it are just a great reason for Tasmanian's to forget the winter chill and get out of their homes to create community.

One of the major events in the Dark Mofo calendar was the Winter Feast. 10,000 people lined up at the Salamanca Pier each night to sample the finest foods from over 50 local vendors. The old warehouse was decked out with upside trees, red lighting, a giant cupboard for a stage, long rows of tables and twinkle lights. Outside, people crowded around fire drums, interacted with roving performers or braved the wheel of death - a ferris wheel with black curtains and a creepy soundtrack.

My friends and I visited Hobart for the weekend. We ate and drank like kings at the feast, we wandered through the Salamanca markets, and on our final day, we took the classy boat to MONA to check out the art collection. It was a great escape. If you haven't been yet, book it in!

The King and I

— 13th June 2014 —

I see a lot of theatre, but it's always exciting to attend an opening night. And this one was glitzy. The King and I returned to Melbourne this week to delight audiences with Rodgers and Hammerstein classic tunes such as 'Getting to Know You' and 'Shall We Dance'.

This was a very opulent production - gold sets, intricate costumes, miles of fabric. I always enjoy seeing a well known show on stage for the first time, however, the casting was slightly off in my opinion.

Still, it was a lovely night out. It's fun to dress up and I was thankful to Aussie Theatre for the tickets.