Reception: The Musical hits the big 20!

— 28th February 2015 —

Those little ant people are holding up twenty fingers: one for each performance in this show's history! It's been quite a ride over the last 10 months. Thanks "Everybody, oh everybody..."

2015 Tour - Warrnambool

— 27th February 2015 —

Last night we performed at the Lighthouse Theatre Studio in Warrnambool. We had a full house, complete with extra chairs on the stage! Great team, great times. And Peter was very impressive as my stand-in during tech rehearsal. (Oh yes, there was even a bit of improvised phone humour...) We loved chatting with the locals in the foyer...and had plenty of hilarious post-it notes to read when we got back to our hotel!

2015 Tour - Mortlake

— 26th February 2015 —

Rural retro. This hall is still sue dfor debutante balls and communtiy theatre. The dressing rooms have seen better days, but the communtiy spirit is alive and well. Great turnout for the show, lots of laughs and the local Lions Club baked up a storm for the office party. We love country hospitality!

2015 Tour - Port Fairy

— 25th February 2015 —

It's difficult to describe the joy I feel when I walk into theatres like this. Adorable little stages and curtains ready to be brought to life with stories. Empty seats just waiting to be filled. (And we filled them!) Thank you for a beautiful first stop of the 2015 tour, Port Fairy! Magical.


— 17th February 2015 —

The nominees have been announced for the 2014 Green Room Awards - Melbourne's premier arts awards...

AND, I'm thrilled to say that Reception: The Musical has received two nods in the Cabaret category:

- For Writing - Bethany Simons
- For Original Songs - Bethany Simons and Peter de Jager

Thank you to the Green Room Association and their tireless judging panels for the work they do to promote the arts in Melbourne each year! We're honoured to have our work recognised alongside such incredible artists.

Check out the full list of 2014 Green Room nominees here.

Oh, and Happy Theatre Day, Melbourne!