Hitting the Hayes

— 29th June 2015 —

This little girl from Dubbo was pretty thrilled to have been invited to perform as part of the 2015 Cabaret Season at Hayes Theatre Co in Sydney. The artist line-up for this year's program was impressive (and a bit intimidating, to be honest!), but Peter and I set up that trusty little desk and sang our songs...

There are so many things I could tell you: like how friendly the staff were, how perfect the space was, how fluffy the lamingtons were, how funny the 'office party' post-it notes are, how supportive the audiences were. I could tell you how the final performance felt like flying, or how I almost burst into tears of joy during the curtain call.

But, I'll just tell you this: I'm over the moon.
And Millsy says hi.

PS It's been a massive 14 months since Reception: The Musical premiered at Melbourne's Butterfly Club. We've since completed a regional tour, returned to the Butterfly Club four times, conducted schools workshops for VCE drama students and eaten piles of lamingtons. It's time for a bit of Reception reflection, so I'll be putting the show on hold for a couple of months in order to catch my breath and do some planning. First up, Melbourne Fringe's 'On Tour' program in late 2015 and early 2016. Look out for the show in your town!

Pic: Bethany with Rob Mills, Hayes Theatre Co. dressing room, June 2015.

Sydney Debut

— 10th June 2015 —


Less than two weeks to go, everybody. Both shows are half sold, so be sure to book soon.
See you at the office party!

Reception: The Musical
Hayes Theatre Co, Potts Point
6.30pm 23 and 24 June
Conc $35 | Full $40
Book your tickets here.

Artist in Residence

— 3rd June 2015 —

I needed to find a way to share this because I really loved Part II of my guest artist residency at Dubbo Christian School. Three weeks of classes and workshops with Yr 8 - 12, introductory lessons with PREP and lower primary, and an open daily lunchtime impro club. Such a lovely bunch of hilarious, committed and blurry students...

Visit the Contact page if you're interested in hosting a drama workshop. I love hearing from you!