Back to the desk

— 22nd February 2016 —

It's been a much slower start to the year - and I'm so grateful! Spending time with my family in Dubbo over January and holidaying in Vietnam through early February was just what the doctor ordered after a jam-packed 2015.

But, now it's time to get back into it and we're kicking off with a performance of Reception: The Musical in Wagga Wagga on Sunday 6 March as part of the School of Arts season.

I have strong ties to Wagga. I studied acting at Charles Sturt University and was then offered an honours scholarship during which time I wrote my first play, The Weather and Your Health - the show that launched my career as a writer and performer. With the School of Arts, I've performed in Secret Bridesmaids Business, recently directed I Love a Piano and been the play selector for their annual play festival on three occasions.

So, I'm very much looking forward to getting my bells and post-it notes out for this one!

Join us at the Basement Theatre on Sunday 6 March at 3pm and be sure to stay for the office party after the show! Seating is limited. Book tickets here.

Good morning, Vietnam!

— 16th February 2016 —

A last minute change of plans saw me accompanying my friend on the trip of a lifetime! I've always been a Europe girl, but I adored my first taste of South East Asia.

We stopped off in Singapore to explore and (literally) soak up the humidity before flying to the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc for a magnificent few days of rest and indulgence. I've never holidayed like this!

After this, we headed to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) for what turned out to be lunar new year. In some ways, this was a tricky time to travel as locals head home and all internal flights and rail are booked well in advance. In other ways, it was wonderful and it forced us to slow down and stay in one place. The streets of Saigon were lined with flowers - a sign of prosperity for the new year. After a few days exploring the city, we ducked away to Vung Tau for a final dose of coastal views. An unplanned, but highly memorable 2 days.

We were blessed every step of the way on this journey. I'd say the highlight is a toss-up between seeing my first shooting star while floating in the water on the island of Phu Quoc at midnight, or climbing stone steps to discover a hilltop Pagoda in Vung Tau where a monk welcomed us, offered us tea and new year treats and invited me to sing a hymn as the sun set over the sea...

You see what I mean?
I'll be back, Vietnam!

Feeling rested, inspired and ready to take on 2016. Chuc Mung Nam Moi!