Singing for my supper

— 18th May 2016 —

We're based in Bendigo (VIC) this week, and each day we drive to little towns to have a pub meal, perform in gorgeous old halls and chat with locals over jelly slice and scones. We never know who is going to turn up, because tickets only go on sale when the lady arrives with a tin an hour before the show! So far, in Elmore and Pyramid Hill, we've had to put out extra rows of chairs. 'Reception: The Musical' - smashing box office records across the Goldfields region. (I'm so happy my cheeks are going to pop!)

Thanks to Melbourne Fringe On Tour and The Capital Theatre, Bendigo for hosting us!

You can still catch us at Heathcote (Wed 18 May), Bendigo (Thur 19 and Fri 20 May). Tickets are $10 - $20. More info.

I've Been Everywhere, Man

— 15th May 2016 —

I could write a song about the list of towns we've toured to...

THIS WEEK: Elmore, Pyramid Hill, Heathcote and Bendigo.

Ticketing info here.

This will be our final week with Melbourne Fringe 'On Tour', and possibly the last performances of Reception: The Musical for a while as Peter has other projects to focus on, and I'll be taking some time to plan and dream!

We hope to see you on the road this week. (If you're in Melbourne, jump on the V-Line and head to Bendigo! Show tickets are only $20 and we'll be having a celebratory drink at the Wine Bank bar across the road from the theatre on Thursday and Friday night!)