New people, new places

— 26th October 2017 —

This week, Reception: The Musical heads to Charters Towers in far north Queensland and then back down south to the city of Logan.

And, for the first time in the show's history, I will be performing with a new pianist! We're very excited to have secured the incredible, award-winning young pianist, Alex Raineri from Brisbane for the Queensland shows. I'll miss Peter's long blonde hair on stage, but it's been exciting to work on the material alongside new energy, and to realise just how many notes are in the show...

If you know people living on our tour trail, be sure to let them know they can catch the live show this week:

Charters Towers (QLD)
Sat 28 Oct 2017
The World Theatre
Full $29.50 | Conc $25
Tickets on sale now

Logan (QLD)
Tue 31 Oct 2017
Logan Entertainment Centre
$20.50 - $21.50
Tickets on sale now

See you at the theatre!

Sunny Sunraysia Part 3

— 22nd October 2017 —

This was our final show for this leg of the tour, so I showed a bit of leg in the dressing room...

We are calling our performance at the Mildura Arts Centre (MAC), the "MAC and cheese special" as we were treated to some fancy cheese platters for the office party.

The audience responded well throughout the show and hung around for quite a while afterwards, telling stories and giving us local recommendations for our day off on Sunday. I was delighted, and a little put out, to meet my first ever Bethany Simons in the foyer. We thanked them all for choosing our show over the Mildura show (as in, rides and livestock) - a bit of competition in town that night.

A big thank you to the team at Mildura Arts Centre for having us this week. A special thanks to our tech guys, Keiron and Matt, who drove all over the region, setting and packing up our tech gear. We couldn't have done it without you!

Next stop, Queensland.

Sunny Sunraysia Part 2

— 21st October 2017 —

Our second stop on the north west Victorian leg of the tour was the township of Ouyen.

Our venue, The Roxy Theatre, was an absolute delight, and it was great to be working with the team from Mildura Arts Centre again. We did a bit of promotion by walking up and down the street and ordering coffee at the local bakery, then hoped for the best!

We had a nice little crowd in that night and enjoyed one of the best office parties we've ever had. So many big laughs and jokes about them writing their own musicals about local characters. The supper was fancy, the wine was flowing, and the post-it notes were sticking.

Good times in Ouyen! Thanks to the committee for hosting us.

Sunny Sunraysia Part 1

— 20th October 2017 —

This week, we were in the produce-rich Sunraysia region in north western Victoria to perform Reception: The Musical in the remote and regional communities of Werrimull, Ouyen and Mildura.

Werrimull has a population of 46 people and is home to a single pub, post office, some silos, plenty of farmland, a school that services the entire region, and our venue for the night: The Werrimull Town Hall. Surrounded by dirt tracks, bush scrub and threatening skies, this tin-roofed community gathering place was transformed into a theatre for the night. We had no idea who would turn up, as tickets are at the door for these sorts of places. We had a little crowd rock up two minutes before show time - they'd all been at the pub having dinner together.

We mingled at the office party and learnt about their town. They struggle with the dry conditions and as farms get sold off and others expand, the population continues to decline. They don't have the numbers for a football team these days...

They all loved the show, thanked us for coming and told us to come back with "more shows like that!"