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Following each performance of Reception: The Musical audiences are invited to join the cast for a post-show 'office party'. This ground level community engagement is almost like a second act to the show, allowing audiences to share their own experiences of office life or working in reception. Light refreshments and a memo board with post-it notes and pens are all it takes to get people to join the fun! Here are some of the audience responses from the 'office party' memo board:

That was the best show I have ever seen! We were constantly nudging or looking at each other in agreement because every thing you said happens at our work!

Your songs were hilarious and your voice is amazing. We had the best time tonight.
Hilarious! Fabulous! Loved every second.

Great show! I'm more than happy to pass on that memo.

Thanks so much for the hour of entertainment and non-stop laughing. It's all so true! Fabulous.

I feel like I am going to work tomorrow with a completely different attitude. So thank you for showing us that work is what you make it.


Following the filming of a development showing in Melbourne, Reception: The Musical generated much interest from online audiences. Here are just a few comments written in response to the YouTube video excerpt:

I had to write straight away to tell you how much I loved it! Absolutely wonderful!

Fabulous! I'm going to take a leaf out of your book and sing at people when they come into my office.

What a masterpiece! I love the way that everyone can relate in one way or another!

My boyfriend loved it, and he hates musicals.

I am in love with Reception: The Musical! Can't wait to hear the next songs.

Brilliant! I just cried, yes, real tears, over the Magic Tape.

Fantastic! That wicked sense of humour, that amazing eye for observing human behaviour, mannerisms and character. Love it. By the way, can I borrow your sticky tape?