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The foyer is always buzzing after a performance of The Weather and Your Health! Over a cuppa and a slice of sponge cake, the audience mingle with the cast and are encouraged to share their own stories with one another.

As we've travelled around Australia, we’ve had a visitors book available for people to jot down a message or share their response to the show. Our book is now full to the brim with stories and comments. Here are a few...


'I think everyone in Australia should be made to watch that show!' - Millie, Dubbo

'That was the best play we have ever seen. We just wish we could catch it again, and again and again!' - Andrew, Mandurah

'Poetic country reflections…the authentic Australian voice’ - Neil, Lavers Hill

'Wonderful performance. I saw many a show when I was younger, but this is the best one I have ever seen' - Helena (99yrs old), Horsham

‘Beautifully done. I loved it heaps and I wish it went for longer’ – Hayden, Eltham High

'You captured country people. Fun and pathos together' - Bill, Elmore

‘What a brilliant performance! Refreshing, fun, entertaining and very Australian.’ – Sarah, Cardinia

‘Talented lady! Absolutely delightful’ – Renee, Brisbane

'That was my story, I was born in England.. but that was my story' - Jackie, Stawell

‘Thank you for the escape. I really needed that…’ – Mona, Darebin

'The concept really spoke to our hearts. Thank you for bringing Aussie history to life' - Angeline, Mandurah

'I’m not usually a theatre person, but absolutely loved it' - Durè, Drysdale

'What a beautiful simple collection of stories' - Leah, Redlands

‘What a wonderfully conceived idea and perfectly presented. Thank you for coming to WA!’ – Alasdair, Mandurah

‘That was the most adorable thing ever! I loved it' – Harry, Eltham High

'A stunning insight into the fundamental operation of regional communities' - Merryn, Gilgandra

'Wonderful nostalgic journey. Should be experienced by all' - Judi, Narromine

‘Funny, poignant and charming. It’s plays like this that make the theatre such a magical experience.’ – Angela, Nhill

‘A spot on portrayal of our early rural up bringing in our little towns.’ – BK, Redlands

‘A fresh and charming production.’ – Russell Thompson, Redlands

‘A beautiful, simple collection of stories from a very special time of life.’ – Leah McLean, Darebin

'A well crafted show that leaves a feeling of freedom in the air. It’s a wonderful thing to share' - James, Melbourne